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Faqs / How do I book Ash K. for a birthday or kids party?

We make it as easy as we can for you the customer to get us the info so we can get his show to you!

1. Click on the form http://ash4kids.com//book-ash-k-14/

2. Fill it out completely. If you don’t know something, just guess, and make a note in the notes section. This is NOT rocket science, and you will NOT be graded on anything (unless you give us a wrong kid’s name, time, date, or venue!).

3. Be sure you’ve included your cell phone number so we can text/confirm.

3. When you have done this, Kevin the manager gets pinged, and checks Ash K.’s schedule. If available for that slot (which is the case MOST of the time), he asks for a deposit and contract signature; if a conflict, he suggests a couple of other times. 

4. Just follow the instructions: get your deposit in (PayPal, the super-secure mechanism, works with all major credit cards). If uncomfortable with that, ping Kevin, and we’ll give you a mailing address to send in your check. Deposits are for half the total amount.

5. When Kevin gets both of those (signature & deposit), he’ll email you confirming your slot is now booked.

6. A few days before the show, he’ll remind you by email, including reminders from the contract about how to get ready.

7. Please then have a check or cash for the balance for Ash K. when he arrives, as well as a parking spot.

 It’s just a kid’s party – enjoy it! All of these stages are in the instructions you’ll get, step-by-step. We’ve made it easy, and include this FAQ in case you’re anxious about what will happen.

Now go book him! http://ash4kids.com//book-ash-k-14/

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