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Faqs / What do I need to think about when planning to have Ash K. in my home?

A few simple things (and we have never been in a home “too small” for a great show!):

  • wall or screen behind him, and places for everyone to sit where they can see him. Believe it or not, he’s shown up to places where this wasn’t set up.
  • Space! About six feet by 12 feet. If not sure, your arm-span for the width of his stange, and twice that for the length. That’s for him: make sure your guests have a place to sit.
  • A place for Ash K. to park. He has between 50 and 200 lbs. of equipment, so please save a space with a cone, chair, or actual car, and make his day!
  • Privacy. To amaze you later, he needs to set up undisturbed in the room where he’ll be performing. A separate room is ideal; a curtain across a rope is just fine. He also needs privacy when putting his equipment away.
  • Timing. We recommend scheduling the show towards the beginning of the party, to encourage guests to be punctual. And please save food and drink for later: it avoids spills and stains on your furniture and rug, and prevents “food comas.”
  • Ash K. brings everything. Don’t worry about him needing tables, chairs, rugs, etc. We’re glad to be welcome in your home, and he comes prepared to do the job!

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