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Faqs / Where is Ash K. from, and how did he get that name?

Ash K. was born in Balka, which is slightly East of Poland. Don’t try to find it on a map though: Liechtenstein looks like a vast empire compared to Balka. Ash’s full name is “Ashkenazi,” which most Americans find more or less impossible to say and remember, so he gave up, and had it surgically shortened. As to his title (”the Pretty Good”), his first manager hired a very inexpensive, and utterly incompetent translator, and as Ash had no idea that his correct title had been, shall we say, “mishandled” until about two years after his first gigs, it was by then too late to take back.

Please don’t ask him what his correct title was – he sulks for a day or so afterwards – but let’s just say that “the Pretty Good” fell a little short, and we’ve since dropped it from his name.

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