Music Education

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If you’re interested in exciting kids about orchestral music or jazz, you’ve found a magical resource.

Starring Your Orchestra or Chamber Group

(A program from a few years age, with Ash K.’s old stage name.)

Are you an orchestra or other classical music programmer looking for substantive, novel programming for your kids and families programs? Let us help you. Magic and Music are an amazing combination!




I’m Ash K.’s business partner and script writer, and served as theEducation Director of the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, worked in the Education program of the San Francisco Symphony, and hold a Master’s Degree in Education. At a local university, I wrote my thesis, Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Audience?,which you can find online. Prior to these positions, I began my teaching career with a Fulbright Teaching Assistant position in Austria, and taught in public schools for six years. At the BSO, the program I ran won the National Endowment for the Arts award, which remains one of my proudest achievements.

Besides being an expert on arts education, I’m a realist about the constraints that orchestras large and small face in their bid to do substantive programming.



When you’re tired of Tubby & Peter, and want to try programming that is openly interested in building orchestra audiences and changing tastes, please take a peek at our videos, and drop us a line. We travel anywhere with airports, and give discounts to smaller orchestras who partner with colleagues to arrange multiple bookings.

    • Standard or Customized Script
    • Performable in Any Hall
    • Costs Include All Design & Dress Rehearsal
    • Written & Recorded Materials for Concert Preparation Included
    • Free Consultation

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Jazz – a Magical Music





Both Ash K. myself have a great affection for and knowledge about jazz music, and have designed a special program that you can have visit your school or arts presenting organization. Starring Ash K. on the piano, it features a core group including drums and the upright bass, but also includes the saxophone, trumpet, and your kids!

Learn about jazz music from somebody who plays it well, and who brings musicians with him who love the music and performing for kids. Designed by Kevin, who has a Master’s degree in curriculum, and has worked for everybody from the San Francisco Symphony to the Leonard Bernstein Center, we guarantee that your kids will be snapping in rhythm.

As with all of our programs, we have deep discounts for multiple bookingswithin your system, or if you cooperate with colleagues in other geographic areas and/or schools, libraries, and agencies!